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E-mail Marketing – Best Practices for Nonprofits

Why do e-mail marketing? Contrary to some reports, e-mail is not going away. It still holds its place in a nonprofit’s overall marketing plan. Plus the automated e-mail marketing services continue to add features that make outreach easier and offer analytics so your can see how your audience reacts, adjusting your communications accordingly. Grow a […]


8 Best Practices for Nonprofit Websites

Not far behind word-of-mouth referrals and email campaigns, websites rank high for growing members and revenue. A nonprofit’s website is the hub of your marketing efforts. This is where visitors come to learn about who you are, to: Read about your mission and goals Find out how to access your services Find out how they […]


Planning Virtual Event Communications

Prior to March 2020 this article would have looked considerably different. I applaud how quickly and efficiently nonprofits have embraced the Virtual Event format and how well organized most of these events have been! Though the timing of event communications has not changed, the technology surrounding these events has made it much easier for people […]