Website Design

Websites are an essential marketing tool. Did you put one up in a rush a few years ago and now understand better how your customers use it? Has your web developer disappeared and you want to be able to update your site yourself? We’re here to make your life easier and help your business grow.

Fyne Lyne will help you sell by:

  • Developing a website that will appeal to your particular target customer whether another business or a consumer
  • Creating a design that will be intuitive to your target client.
  • Building a website that you can update yourself with a Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress.
  • Bringing pertinent information to the forefront and making offers simple for the user to respond to.
  • Help with the promotion of your new website so more people find it and view it.

Website Development

Many companies postpone putting up a website or altering the one they have for fear of beginning a time-consuming project and not receiving the desired results. Be assured that your goals for the website are the criteria by which each developmental decision is measured.

Concept — we discuss your audience(s) and how they will use your website whether for information, to place orders, or to interact with your personnel.

Organization — ease of use for the viewer is essential to a successful website.

Text — either you provide text or we work with a copywriter who will interview you or key employees at your company.

Graphics — these can be provided by you or, if the concept is abstract in nature, we will do photo research and suggest/create graphics to enhance your message.

Registration — listing your website with the major search engines is included in our fee.

Hosting — we do not provide hosting but can recommend an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to suit your needs. And we’ll help you get set up too!

Google Analytics — installation is included with every website.

Search Engine Optimization — some packages include all the things that can be done to a website to elevate its rankings in the search engines, including keyword research, writing of meta titles and meta descriptions, and creation of a Google My Business page to name a few.