Our Approach

Your business is unique — an expression of the person or people who own it and of the talent that you hire. Therefore your product and/or services are unique as well. That is the premise with which we begin.

Fyne Lyne will strive to:

  • Understand your audience and represent you, speaking your audience’s language
  • Communicate the exact message you want to send to your potential customers
  • Make relevant information clear and concise
  • Give potential customers a way to respond that is easiest for them

The Design Process

1. We meet with you and talk about your business to define these and other important concepts:

  • The business goals you want to achieve with your marketing efforts
  • Your target audience
  • How you envision your company image being presented

2. Depending your audience their demographics, we will discuss the best way to achieve those marketing goals.

3. There are several options for acquiring excellent quality photography and copy for your website and print communications. We will talk about these in relation to your budget. We do recommend professional photography and copywriting so that the image you are presenting as polished an image as is possible.

4. We will set a timeline for the production of your website or marketing piece including a date for designs to be reviewed, copy and photos to be provided, and actual launch/execution.

Please browse the website design gallery and the graphic design gallery for examples of our award-winning work.

Call or e-mail us to find out how Fyne Lyne can make your marketing dollars work harder for you. 914.930.4537.