1. We meet with you and talk about your business to determine these and other important concepts:

  • Your goals for your website
  • Your target audience
  • How you envision your company image being presented

2. We discuss how your target audience searches. That will tell us what keywords and phrases to include in your page titles, body copy, and meta data.

3. Depending on whether your website is meant to be, on one hand, a place where potential clients come to get a feel for your company before calling you, or on the other, a place to gather data and sell (e-commerce), we will talk about the best structure to acheive those goals.

4. There are several options for acquiring excellent quality photography and copy for your website. We will talk about these in relation to your budget. We do recommend professional photography and copy so that the image you are presenting through your website is as polished as possible.

5. We will set a timeline for the production of your website including a date for designs to be reviewed, copy to be finished, and actual launch.

In addition to the security of knowing that you are making a good investment, Fyne Lyne makes the process easy by including things that you might not get from other web designers:

  • The choice to mix and match elements among the
    designs provided (e.g., typeface from one, color scheme
    from another, navigation design from a third)
  • A choice of Content Management Systems (CMS) including WordPress if you want to integrate your blog with your website and maintain your own content.
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (keywords, titles,
    page construction, XML Sitemap submission to Google —
    all of these things will affect your rankings in the
    search engines)
  • Submission of your site to Google, Yahoo, and Bing
    (where 96% of all searches are conducted)
  • Advice and set up with the hosting company of your choice
    (website, e-mail, blog, etc.)
  • Advice on advertising your site so that people will use it — we have experience in choosing Internet and print
    advertising in addition to being well versed in all of the
    no-cost ways of getting your web address out there for potential customers to find.

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